Here’s the scene…

@ 7:26 pm last night, my cell phone rings.

It’s my wife calling.

She instantly says to me…

“Get up to the school right now, Mariah and I just got jumped”.


I was out of the house and @ the school in about 6 minutes.

4 police cars are in the parking lot along with a bunch of parents and kids outside.

I’m thinking “oh shit, what the hell just happened”?

My wife is inside, making her statement to the cop.

My daughter is on the floor, back against the wall, crying.

Come to find out that the visiting school (which has the reputation for being “sore losers”) didn’t like the fact that they got their asses handed to them on the volleyball court so they took matters into their own hands after the game ended.

Thats when all hell broke loose.

Long story short, Mariah (my daughter) got put into a headlock by a pissed off Grandma (Yes, a Grandma) after which 4 students of the visiting school jumped her and had her down on the floor.

My wife.. who’s 1/2 Italian… flipped her lid and went into full on BEAST MODE.

Defending her daughter as it was 4 v/s 1.

(Side Note: i’ve seen my wife pissed so when she hits level 10, you best be in the next neighborhood or else you’ll wish you were).

Thank GOD…. no one got seriously hurt.

It could have been a lot worse than a few words exchanged + punches thrown + hair torn out.

So what’s the take-away from this experience?

Honestly, I don’t have a clue.

You see these reports of violence and girls attacking girls on the news but you never think you’ll experience it with your own kid.

But it happened.

And like what unfolded in Las Vegas Sunday night…

There was no contingency plan for a shooter on the 32nd floor who took aim at an unsuspecting crowd.

But it happened.

So I guess I’m left with this as a closing thought:

You can’t possibly plan for every unfortunate scenario to occur.

Yes, you can take the basic steps of pre-caution such as being aware of your surroundings, having a phone on you, being with a friend, etc…

However, at the end day…

Sometimes bad shit happens to good people.

There’s no explanation for it.

You can re-wind the tape in your head and say “if only I would have done that or if only I would have turned left instead of going right”…

But thats living in the past.

As Tom Hanks says in the movie Cast-Away…

“The sun will rise… Who knows what the tides will bring”.

Meaning, today is a new day.

You have air in your lungs, 2 walking feet and hope in your heart.

Yesterday is done, its gone.

Today is now.

And its the only present you have so don’t squander it.

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