I’ll be the 1st to admit it.

I used to believe that there was such a thing as “too much content”.

After all, everyone and their dog is posting blogs + articles + video.

There’s more video content on Youtube alone to last 10 lifetimes.

Our email in-boxes are filled to the rafters.

So why create more?

Isn’t the world content over-stuffed already?

And the answer is…


Not even close.

And here’s why….

The PROOF you’re seeking is right in front of you.

Look at TV & Radio as prime examples.

They broadcast 24/7/365.

You turn either / or off, come back a day later, and content IS still flowing.

It’s a never ending loop of music, ads, news, commentary and network shows.

It takes an enormous amount of content to feed these machines insatiable appetites.

So who creates ALL of that content?

People like you and I.

They’re writing + producing + recording content right now.

This is not going to change in our lifetime.

Nor in your kids lifetime.

Nor anytime soon beyond that.

So why not embrace the opportunity to share YOUR message, right now?

Oh, I see..

You think that no one will care about your words + message?

Is that it?

Well, that’s what i used to think too.

Why would anyone want my words + PDFs + videos?

That was until I went back to the examples at hand.

And took notice of the 24/7 non-stop streaming content.

There is room for more content as tv + radio + internet are content distribution machines. They can’t stop the flow of new content.


There is a minor hurdle that can’t be ignored.

It’s SELECTIVE content.

On the radio, you got rap + country + hip-hop + 80s.

On the TV, you got food + reality + adventure + love.

You see where I’m headed with this?

It’s all about the secret word of the year: RELEVANCY.

Your message will most certainly be ignored by the masses.

It’s a given and should not be thought to do otherwise.


There will be a % of folks who resonate + connect with YOU.

And that’s what matters.

You think everyone loves Taylor Swifts music?

You think everyone likes the Ellen DeGeneres show?

You think everyone watches Survivor?

NO, NO and NO.

So whats the point to all of this?

Well, there are 3 of ’em.

Point #1: The world NEEDS / WANTS your message.

Point #2: There is room for YOU on the big stage.

Point #3: Your message matters.

So if you’ve been silent and shy, STOP.

Grab something to record your message with.

Be it video, audio or a blog.

Somehow, someway, begin sharing your message.

Because I can assure you that someone, somewhere, will be listening.


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