Postcard Received:


3 Primary Costs Associated W/I Postcards:

A:  The design, graphics and printing
B:  Postcard postage
C:  Mailing list rental / purchase

You have those 3 expenses to over-come BEFORE you mail out your 1st card.

How long does it take before you can fully tally results from a postcard campaign?

A:  About 2-6 weeks. You have to allow for delivery, the prospect to review and respond to the offer and depending on the CTA (Call To Action), what action you are asking them to take.  (See video above)

Why is it important to capture a leads email address?

A: Because as I showed you in the training video above, without capturing your prospects email address for future follow up (build a list) then you’re wasting your money.  Once they click off your sales page, you’ve lost them for good.  You just burned away money getting a pre-qualified prospect to your sales page and then you didn’t give them any way to further inter-act with you now or in the future.  BIG, BIG mistake!


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