Oh my…

Where do I even begin???  Oh, I know.  With the facts as to WHY this is a steaming fresh pile of elephant dung that you want to avoid stepping into at all opportunity costs!!

Fact #1:  They’ve swiped (ie., STOLEN) Rod Stinsons Pizza Boy Formula webinar and have positioned it as their main webinar piece at the top of their info page.

For the uninitiated, the Pizza Boy Formula was a MASTERPIECE of a presentation back in its prime and made the people who promoted it some serious money.

To bring it back into the spotlight as the main webinar for Daily Pay Webinar is a slap in the face to Rod, his work and to those of us who KNOW THE TRUTH as to where and how that webinar presentation came into existence.

Fact #2:  To add more salt to an already existing wound, they not only stole the Pizza Box Formula webinar but have modified it down to 50 minutes from its original 1 hour and 5 minutes, to fit within the parameters of their newly formed scam.

Daily Pay Webinar (SCAM)


Rod Stinsons Pizza Boy Formula



~ But Wait… It Gets Better … ~

Fact #3:  They’re ‘so called’ justification for blatantly ripping off Rods webinar is that they paid the $97 license back many moons ago, to use it.

YEAH, you paid $97 back 5-10 years ago to use Rods system but that was to promote Premier Wealth Systems (NOT) Daily Pay Webinar!   Nor did that “license” give you permission to edit / modify the webinar to fit your needs.


~ We’re Not Done Yet… There’s More… ~

Fact #4:  They’re also using Rob Abrams content to teach and educate their unknowing audience of prospects.

So far between the webinar and Rob Abrams content, they’re piecing together ‘pieces parts’ of other systems (past and present) and forming their own.  They don’t have an original piece of content to call their own, not even a LOGO to distinguish themselves out in the marketplace.


~ And For The Grand Finale ~

Fact #5:   They literally (word for word) stole testimonials for Premier

Wealth Systems and used them for their own use as testimonials for Daily Pay Webinar.   They went so far as to have EDITED the testimonials, removing the PWS name and replacing it with DPW (Daily Pay Webinar).   Which is not just blatant lying to the prospects visiting the page, but its downright illegal to do so.


(This is just a sampling of the modified testimonials that they’re pawning off as being generated from Daily Pay Webinar).



Avoid Daily Pay Webinar like the deathly plague it is!   I’ve personally seen a lot of scams and schemes in my 18 + years online but the lack of actually giving a damn (even after being called out on their shit via email that they just brush off and justify as being acceptable) radiates so loudly off the Daily Pay Webinar sales page and via their, that its instantly secured a top 5 ranking in all time piece of shit programs to stay away from.


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