This is a super quick post about the rising popularity of rotators with regards to business opportunity style programs.

If you’re not aware of what I am talking about then suffice it to say here, that if you see a biz opp program or “guru” promoting a rotator, RUN FOR THE HILLS.

Here’s WHY…

Rotators are NOT something that you can build a long term business / income around. They were intended to help beginners and newbies to the online marketing world get some leads and maybe even a sign up or two.  But they rarely (if ever) last.   They fizzle out real quick, like a July 4th sparkler.  Usually servicing the limited few who get in early, before the mad rush extinguishes everything in sight.

Am I against rotators?   NO.  Not in the least. They do serve a purpose.  What I am against is the way they’re being promoted to the general public by misleading systems and gurus.  Often times they’re being touted as being the main source for leads for people.

“Just sit back and let the rotator go to work for you…” says the “Guru”.   “You don’t have to place any ads or spend any money on marketing as our company provided rotator will fill your in-box with leads”.

Are you serious?   You’re leading innocent lambs to the slaughterhouse by feeding them that 2005 bull shit on a stick.

Individuals need to know that an online business is style a business that requires the basics of marketing to succeed, ie., good lead flow, follow up and the ability to create conversions.

You’re not helping people by feeding them the same B.S. you were fed to get you into the program. Yeah, you may get lucky and collect a few leads, a sign up even.

And sharing that story only perpetuates the false hope that rotators provide.

Just remember this in closing…

Real security, financial security, comes from gaining SKILLS that are rooted in direct response marketing.   Not a gimmick ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ rotator.

No one has ever built, much less sustained, a multiple 6-figure income, relying on a rotator.

So don’t try to be the first.


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