You see any similarities between the two pages below?




Clearly there is some shenanigans going on as someone COPIED someone.   The only question is who copied who?

Now, lets be crystal clear here.  I am all for swiping ideas.  I am all for “funnel hacking” someone elses funnel to see how they do things, to get ideas, to see how you can improve your own sales process, etc…

What I am NOT all for is flat out STEALING someone elses copy and design.  Which is what’s happening in the above 2 examples.

If you are a rep for either program (of which I am neither), then you might want to question what’s going on.

In my opinion, and that’s all it is is an opinion, so take it for what it’s worth, but my HUNCH is that Program 1 copied Program 2.  And the ONLY reason I’m saying that is because Vincent has been around for some time now, has his game on straight and is milking money with his OSP offer.  So why RISK his reputation stealing someone elses UNPROVEN idea?

The same can’t be said for Program 1.  They’re the new kid on the block in the biz opp space.  They have NO street credibility, and starting off blatantly swiping someone elses copy and design is NOT the way to build trust in the marketplace.

What were they thinking? Seriously. Like no one is ever going to find out.  Yeah right.  It’s the Internet.  You find out about everyone and everything sooner or later.

My suggestion… Steer clear of Reverse Commissions until they have at least 6 months under their belt.

Then and only then, tread lightly.  Who knows what other tricks they’re ready to pull.



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