Here’s the good news…

You don’t need to back to college to get a 4 year degree in psychology in order to help someone.  All you have to do is LISTEN.  Listen very carefully to the words a person chooses to use and you pretty much have a paint-by-numbers map as to how they think, which leads to where they are headed.

Enter Exhibit A…


This individual filled out our application (See beneath this blog post) to work with us, on becoming a $20,000/mo earner.

Say 10 years ago, I would have jumped on the phone with this person and spent 15 minutes or more with him, talking (TOO) him about my opportunity.  I would have bought into his excuses, all the while listening to him rationalize why he can’t do something, or join, etc…

I would have then hung up from the call, feeling more defeated than I was prior to the call, because a call like this will literally SUCK all the remaining energy, momentum and enthusiasm out of your body.

You think I’m exaggerating?   HA.  I wish I was.  I spent many a minute on calls like this, that I knew were going to go nowhere but I was desperate myself for a person to contact about my business, so I felt like I at least did something by talking to someone, anyone.

Plus, I would have been too pumped up over the fact that I had a new lead, that I’d totally ignore the warning signs that are glaring out at me, from his application.

warning-sign He blatantly tells you that he “needs to make money” right now, or else. That’s a BIG, BIG clue that this persons in desperation + survival mode.

warning-signHe’s a retiree, so probably at least 60 or older and for the longest time, he wanted to be a millionaire?  Why does he think its going to change now? He’s had 30 + years on Planet Earth to make it happen.

warning-signHe can spend as many hours as needed, ie., he’s got far more time on his hands than available financial resources.  So he’s willing to sit in front of the computer and do whatever it takes to make money.

warning-signCheck out his response from the survey question where he’s asked how important is his financial freedom to him, on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being extremely important.  His answer is a 3.

Now, hear me out on this….

I am not trying to be a douche bag by ripping this guy apart.   I have no reason to believe that he’s not a great guy, salt of the earth type, who helps lost kittens find a good home.

But from an money / business application perspective, this guy STINKS.

He’s a complete waste of YOUR valuable time.

The warning signs are right there in front of you.  You can choose to ignore them by thinking my business is different, it’s FDA approved and has 31 clinical studies and is rated to be the best of the best of the best among health and nutrition products.

Or that I am a fantastic closer. I can “close” anyone who has a pulse.

It won’t make an ounce of difference.  If this application came across your desk, your best move is to DELETE it instantly and move on to more robust pastures.  Wasting your time where there is ZERO (I repeat ZERO) chance of any sale, of any kind, is akin to you bashing your head against the wall and expecting gold to filter out from the cracked drywall.

I only share with you this vital advice because I don’t want you spending your best asset (YOUR TIME) talking to prospects who have no real interest and/or ability to do business with you.  All they want is a solution to their problem that they can’t afford or worse, don’t believe can even happen to them in the first place.

It’s a NO WIN / NO WIN outcome for you.  So your best move is to avoid applications and leads like this as much as possible.   Yes, bad apples will get through defense shields.  It happens.

But the trick here is too minimize the potential damage to your own set of beliefs.  The last thing you need is a conversation with a broke and skeptical individual to drag you down with them.

Especially when you are new to a program and your belief level isn’t yet @ 100%.


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