Surely my parents thought I had smoked one too many that day.

As I had just returned from Home Depot, tools, wood and paint in hand.

They had no idea what my intentions were, all they knew was that I was as focused and driven as a fox on a hen hunt.

You see…

A week prior, I was in New Jersey.

Getting one on one private coaching from one of my earliest mentors, Joe Schroeder.

Joe was the sort of guy that didn’t teach the latest web tricks to getting leads, rankings or winning affiliate contests.

His coaching went far deeper than that.  I’m talking sub-terrain deep.

Real mind-set re-wiring.

Getting rid of the junk and garbage that had been collected over the years, stuff that was preventing me from reaching my goals and really just GOING FOR IT ALL.

Now, don’t get me wrong.

Joe had mastered the WRITTEN and SPOKEN WORD brilliantly.

His emails are legendary.  His conference calls went on for 2-3 hours with people hanging on, clinging to his word like he was the Holy Ghost himself.

He could flip strangers into raving fans of his within minutes.  Believe me, as I’ve personally witnessed his mojo in action @ Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, gas stations, seminars, diners, etc…   Even to this day, even after dropping $10,000 plus with him, I still can’t mimic his results.

But what I can and did do, was listen to his teachings and embraced 100% of it that I could.

So when he told me to go home and build a tombstone out of some cheap scrap wood, glue and paint, that’s exactly what I did.

That tombstone has been in my office for the last 9 + years.

A reminder of my time with Joe and a symbol that I will not accept “I Can’t”.

A representation of my commitment to myself that I can do, be and have anything I set my mind too.

And the same truth applies to YOU.

As I know for a fact that there are people reading this right now, who are feeling defeated, frustrated, knocked down, like there’s not a reason to commit any further.

You’ve given up.

On life, love, money, freedom, etc…

But you can’t throw in the towel now.

You’re in this fight called LIFE until your last breath.

If you quit now, you will be no better than the Walking Dead.

Yes, I get it.

Life absolutely sucks at times.

However you and I are alive in an amazing stretch of time where we can achieve more and have more than generations prior to us.

You have access to information, systems, tools and resources to make all of your dreams come true.

All you have to do is BELIEVE long enough until it comes into fruition.

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