If you don’t have Netflix, then stop reading this post right now and immediately jump over to, sign up for $10/mo and dedicate 2 hours to watching Tony Robbins change lives.

I was in awe.

At Tony, at the people in the audience, at the results people gained.

It was truly mesmerizing.

About Tony:

Regardless of your specific religious beliefs, the guy is a blessing from God.

He can touch and transform people with precision and skill like no one else.

He has this uncanny ability to zero in, find the raw emotion, expose it and either remove it like a bad seed or re-wire it so the person is no longer connected to it.

His ability to feel and have empathy for those who need it the most is addictive to watch.

About the audience:

6 days + $5K ticket entry + hotel + transportation + food + misc expenses.

Quite the investment for a “personal development seminar”, don’t you think?

But here’s what I noticed…

Day 1, 2500 people in Boca Raton Florida pile into the conference room for Date With Destiny.

Day 6, the conference room is STILL packed.

That’s a BIG INDICATOR as to the magnetic feelings being generated from the event.

I’ve been to $500 3 day seminars and on the 3rd day, sometimes 1/2 the 1st days attendance shows up.

So how is it that Tony can go 6 days from morning to night and still retain the audience numbers?

About the results:

That’s why people attend.  That’s why people fork out $5,000 for a 6 day live event.  That’s why they’re as enthusiastic in the beginning as they are at the closing curtain.

The FEELINGS, EMOTIONS and RAWNESS of it all keeps you invested.

And at the end of the event, you are literally mind blown.

You don’t want to go back to your normal day to day routine.

You don’t want to let go of the “HIGH” you’re on.

The jubilation, energy and new friendships are hard to let go of.

So it’s not a surprise (to me at least) to see the audience wanting more.

Which is again…

A visual testimony to the power of Tony Robbins.

In the end…

Based on the documentary, I have a NEW perspective for Tony Robbins and his events.

Prior to watching I Am Not Your Guru, I had no desire to ever attend a Robbins event.  But now I do.     I believe Date With Destiny would be an amazing experience to take part of and one that I will surely take advantage of the next opportunity I get.

I’m sold.

I’m a Tony Robbins believer for sure.


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