Which is better?
$1000 Per Sale or .10 cent per play?

.10 Cents To Infinity And Beyond…

Call me dumbfounded but I could not believe what my mind was telling me that I was hearing.

Here’s the backstory…

I’m on the phone with a new customer who just bought our SMS platform Powered By SMS.

He’s telling me he’s promoting a mobile app / game that pays him .10 cents each time someone he refers plays the game.

Ok, lets stop right there for just one second and address 2 major hurdles this guy has in front of him.

Hurdle #1:  He has to spend his time, money and resources to promote the IDEA for someone to sign up into his mobile app downline (This in and of itself is a BIG hurdle to overcome)

Hurdle #2:  He only collects .10 cents per play (from those that he refers). (Do you get that?  .10 cent per play and only from the people he refers to his mobile app downline.) Can you SEE the mammoth hurdles this guy has to overcome just to make even a little bit of money?

But the amateur mind will holler back…

“What if the game is like Pokemon and takes off to the point where millions play.  He’d be rich!”.

Uh, NO.  He would not be.   Allow me to explain WHY…

1:  He’s only eligible to collect .10 cents per play from the people HE signs up into his mobile app downline. So even if the app / game is a mega-hit and millions do play he still only collects off those few who are under him.

2:  The odds of an app being a MEGA HIT like Pokemon are slim to few.   There are 10,000 apps for every 1 that gets some attention.

3:  To further nail #2 into your subconscious, the popularity / virality of an app / game is largely out of the hands of the end user. The end user usually gets word of an app/ game ONLY AFTER someone in authority speaks of it in a published magazine, in an interview, radio spot, on TV, etc….

To say it a little differently, the mobile app niche has 1000s of hopeful wanna-be success stories all vying for play time. But that play time is largely controlled by a select few who set a spark to the viral fire so the masses get wind of it.

4: The LIFE SPAN of a mobile app game is short lived.  Yes, Candy Crush is still being played by thousands but again, that’s the exception and clearly not the rule.

5:  The SHEER volume of plays required to make money at all is beyond mind boggling.  To get to a $100,000 check you’d have to have 1,000,000 million plays. And that’s not counting the volume of sign ups you’d have to have under you just to get enough people to actually play the game.

In closing…

I’d much rather promote a BIG TICKET program where I am paid direct to my pocket than wager my time and resources in the HOPE AND PRAYER that a mobile app game will take off to where I am collecting a never ending stream of .10 cent payments.


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