My 5 Minute Hustle Into Barnes And Noble Spawns 3 New Pieces Of Content!

(How you can do it it too!)

Everyone asks…

How do produce your content for your emails, blog posts, text messages, live streams, etc…??

It’s simple.

I SCAN a lot of magazines, newspapers and sites such as, Cosmopolitan (don’t laugh) and many others for what i call “little idea generators”.

Could be a phrase, existing headline, a quote, an image even.  Just something to kick start a piece of content from.

Here’s a PRIME example of what I did this past weekend in only 5 minutes.

It was Saturday AM.

My wife and I went out and about doing errands, hitting the grocery store, pool supply store and eventually Kohls, one of my wifes preferred shopping destinations.  :)

Well, I wasn’t feeling the idea of wandering around Kohls for 20 minutes while she shopped, so I said “Hun, I’m gonna jet over to Barnes and Noble for 5 minutes, to check out the biz opp magazines”.

And like a flash, I was gone.  I walked right down to Barnes and Noble.


Once inside I immediately focused on the magazine rack, specifically the BUSINESS MAGAZINE section.

And that’s where I discovered some gold within seconds!  Check this out…

First up is the lovely Kim Kardashian on the cover of Forbes Magazine.  Yes, a Kardashian on the cover of Forbes is not that out of the ordinary, especially considering the fact she banks millions annually off mobile apps and games.  So her headline was spot on…


That HEADLINE is an instant “swipe and deploy” piece of copy that I will be using over on my Powered By SMS sales letter.

Next up…

Inside her article is a POWER QUOTE that I will be using on our SMS sales letter as well.


And as LUCK would have it, while leaving the magazine section my eyes caught the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine.


Obviously they’re referring to the sexual finish line but that’s not my intention for its use.  I’ll be using it on my Direct Pay System sales letter.

So there you have it.   My 5 minute walk in to Barnes and Noble produced 3 quality “little idea generators” for me that I am able to swipe and deploy as is and/or modify to fit my intended use.

You can do this too.  Go to your local Barnes and Noble and go through the magazine section.  Scour the covers.  Those little headlines you see on the cover have ONE PURPOSE only and that’s too get your attention so you pick up the magazine.  If you pick it up your odds of buying it go up significantly.  (So like in real life selling, you’ve got to get your prospects attention.  Get their attention and then you’ve got a chance to sell them something.)

Do this little homework assignment this week and see what “little idea generators” you can gather up.  Then take them and make your CONTENT out of them, ie., email letters, blog posts like this one, 3 minute videoes, etc…


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